Patient Stories: Liz's Story


Liz's Story Age: 34

“I was relieved when I found out that this was real and I wasn’t alone.”

After her fourth child, things definitely felt different to Liz. She knew something was wrong. She had a constant heaviness in her pelvic area that just wasn’t getting better.

Liz had initially started having symptoms after her second child, including bladder leakage when coughing, sneezing and laughing.  The longer Liz was on her feet, the worse the heavy sensation in her pelvic area would feel as the day went on.

It got to the point that Liz struggled to attend her exercise classes without embarrassment because of the number of times she had to run to the restroom. Eventually, she stopped going to the classes because she felt like a nuisance interrupting class to use the restroom frequently.

After four years of suffering from the increased symptoms of bladder leakage, Liz decided to seek medical attention.

Liz filled out a bladder diary and pelvic questionnaire before her appointment, both of which were reviewed with her before conducting a pelvic exam and non-invasive bladder tests. Liz then heard the words rectocele and cystocele as her doctor explained her diagnosis.

While pelvic organ prolapse isn’t something one would celebrate, Liz was relieved that she had answers and could now seek treatment. Knowing this wasn’t something unique to herself made Liz feel better about her symptoms and diagnosis.

Liz was pleased to learn that many women had successful treatment of pelvic organ prolapse. After consulting with her doctor, Liz successfully underwent surgery for her pelvic organ prolapse and has had a great recovery herself.

Liz has taken her experience to have more conversations with the women in her life about her symptoms, diagnosis and successful treatment, hoping she can help others from suffering in silence too long. Learn more about pelvic organ prolapse and available treatment options here.