Patient Stories: Laurie's Story


Laurie's Story Age: 55

"I have no regrets, I highly recommend the surgery"

Laurie first heard the words cystocele, rectocele and pelvic organ prolapse before her symptoms started, during a regular annual exam with her gynecologist in 2015. Since Laurie wasn’t experiencing any symptoms, her gynecologist said she would let Laurie know when it was time to take action.

In November 2016 Laurie’s annual exam went the same as the previous year. But her gynecologist reminded her that sooner or later she would need to take action.

Within five months of her annual exam, Laurie discovered that her gynecologist was right. She went from no symptoms to feeling like everything was going to fall out.

Laurie’s gynecologist armed her with information about pelvic organ prolapse surgery and a recommendation to meet with a pelvic floor disorder specialist. Laurie and her husband, a medical professional, spent time researching her diagnosis, the pelvic floor specialist and her options.

After researching, they scheduled a consult with the pelvic floor specialist. They had an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the materials that would be used ― and even do a feel test. Laurie and her husband left the appointment feeling even more confident in their decision that pelvic organ prolapse repair surgery was the best option for Laurie. They felt educated and prepared for the road ahead.

Laure went ahead with the surgery and had the expected pain and discomfort during recovery, but within a few weeks was feeling no pain and completely back to normal. By following the post-surgical guidelines, Laurie was able to have a new lease on life. She’s had no problems or symptoms since her surgery.