Patient Stories: Carol's Story


Carol's Story Physician and mother of three
Age: 55

"I never think about it anymore. Ever. If only I had done it sooner."

Carol first noticed a bit of leakage when she was trying to lose some unwanted pounds and added jumping jacks to her routine. She was active and quite fit, so she was surprised when she “peed her pants” a bit. Being a physician, she knew incontinence happens to many women, but she didn’t expect it to happen to her.

She dealt with occasional leakage for about four months. One day, she stepped off a curb and wet herself. “This is ridiculous,” she thought and made an appointment with her gynecologist.

Her gynecologist fitted her with a pessary — but Carol didn’t feel confident that he was up to date on the latest medicine.

She searched for a specialist and met with him. He felt Carol was a perfect candidate for a sling procedure. He explained everything in detail and addressed Carol’s questions about the safety of the procedure. She felt confident in his abilities and trusted his judgment, so she scheduled the procedure.

Carol had a very successful procedure with no complications. And the best thing about it? She never thinks about her incontinence anymore — or the fear of wetness or odor. Never. Having the procedure was a huge relief and boosted Carol’s confidence. She urges her friends who wear pads to consider a sling procedure, saying, “Why wear pads when there is a much better option?”