Patient Stories: Bladder Leakage

Real Women. Real Stories.

If so many women are dealing with incontinence, why have you never heard women talk about it? Many women feel embarrassed, think it’s just a normal part of aging or believe they can cope with it on their own. Whatever the reason, it’s just not something most women talk about with their friends, family or physicians. We’ve spoken with women who have suffered with, and taken steps to control, incontinence. Read the stories of real women who suffered with stress urinary incontinence and had surgery to take control of their condition.

Tina's Story

In her active and extremely stressful job, there often wasn’t any way to hide her leakage. She would even go so far as to pretend to fall in a puddle to disguise her issue. Finally, when the pain was too much to bear she was referred to a specialist.

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Carol's Story

Carol first noticed a bit of leakage when she was trying to lose some unwanted pounds and added jumping jacks to her routine. She was active and quite fit, so she was surprised when she "peed her pants" a bit. Being a physician, she knew incontinence happens to many women, but she didn’t expect it to happen to her.

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