Patient Stories: Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Real Women. Real Stories.

Millions of women nationwide are living with pelvic organ prolapse yet the majority of their stories remain untold. Pelvic organ prolapse can interfere with your activities, intrude on your personal life and be just plain uncomfortable. We’ve spoken with women who have suffered from pelvic organ prolapse and taken steps to manage it. Read the stories of real women who suffered from pelvic organ prolapse and had surgery to take control of their condition.

Liz's Story

After her fourth child, things definitely felt different to Liz. She knew something was wrong. She had a constant heaviness in her pelvic area that just wasn’t getting better.

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Laurie's Story

Laure went ahead with the surgery and had the expected pain and discomfort during recovery, but within a few weeks was feeling no pain and completely back to normal. By following the post-surgical guidelines, Laurie was able to have a new lease on life.

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